Watch and Do It Yourself

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AUTHOR:   Gérard Ubassy

EDITION:  1st / 2016



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Autor Ubassy, Gérard
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Watch and Do It Yourself

Gérald Ubassy


This book is not intended to explain my work philosophy to you; I had the opportunity of writing about it in my work «Tricks and Hints», on the contrary, it is the logical sequel to «Tricks and Hints».

I wanted to write a book about observation, made up exclusively of photos ( more than 650 ), to give you my recipes for the stratication of teeth, totally different in their shape, translucency, opacity and age, as we nd in the great diversity of nature.

Thus you will find some useful solutions, which you will be able to apply in your daily work. You will simply need to change the basic colours and your work will be greatly facilitated.

This work will satisfy the many users of E.max ceramics made by Ivoclar Vivadent, but also all the dental technician ceramists who use a different material. The logic of strati cation is the same, whatever materials are used. I wanted all the teeth to be shown with colour charts; this enables you to visualise both the colours and the translucency of the materials chosen.