Bone Augmentation in Implant Dentistry

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AUTHOR:    Michael A. Pikos / Richard J. Miron

EDITION:     1st / 2019

LANGUAGE:  English



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Autor Miron, Richard J. Pikos, Michael A.
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Bone Augmentation in Implant Dentistry
A Step-by-Step Guide to Predictable Alveolar Ridge and Sinus Grafting

Michael A. Pikos / Richard J. Miron

Implant dentistry has evolved tremendously over the past three decades and is rapidly progressing as new materials and protocols become available each year.
With the number of advancements made in digitally based media and marketing, it is imperative that the clinician be able to separate new trends from evidence-based protocols to make sound and predictable choices for the ultimate benefit of patients.
This textbook presents cases from the author’s 35-year practice to show the successes and failures of various treatment approaches and protocols.
Early chapters discuss the relevant biomaterials and instruments utilized for bone augmentation protocols, including barrier membranes, bone grafting materials, and growth factors.
Surgical chapters dedicated to extraction socket management, alveolar ridge augmentation, and sinus grafting follow, each chapter detailing specific indications and patient selection criteria as well as step-by-step surgical procedures, aspects of postoperative treatment, and complications.
The final chapter focuses on full-arch reconstruction using fully guided immediate reconstruction protocols.
The author’s teaching institute is credited with preparing some of the world’s best clinicians, and this book will pave the way for countless more.


  1. Instrumentation for Alveolar Ridge Augmentation and Sinus Grafting
  2. Membranes, Grafting Materials, and Growth Factors
  3. Extraction Site Management
  4. Alveolar Ridge Augmentation
  5. Sinus Grafting
  6. Full-Arch Reconstruction