Dental Visualization

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AUTHOR:  Nitzan Bichacho / Mirela Feraru

EDITION:  1ª / 2018




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Autor Bichacho, Nitzan Feraru, Feraru
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Dental Visualization

Nitzan Bichacho / Mirela Feraru

This book provides the practicing clinician with a clear and concise guide to dental photography and its role in modern dentistry.
The main aspects are broken down into easy-to-follow chapters, all lavishly illustrated with detailed images.
Aspects such as the importance of digital documentation, camera components, and photographic equipment as well as simplified protocols for high-end results, different dental specialties, and troubleshooting are all covered within the book’s pages.
The authors have condensed their extensive knowledge and expertise into a book that will surely prove invaluable to all those working within modern dental practices.



  1. Principles of High-Quality Dental Photography
  2. Components of Digital Dental Photography
  3. Simplified Clinical Protocols for High-End Results
  4. Full Sequence and Settings for Different Specialties
  5. Direction and Quality of Light – Clinical Relevance
  6. Troubleshooting
  7. Ultra-Macro in Dental Photography
  8. DSD – Digital Smile Design
  9. Devices Designed Exclusively for Dental Photography