Fundamentals of Implant Dentistry-Vol1: Prosthodontic Principles

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Beumer III, Jhon M. Wu, Benjamin Shah, Kumar C. Faulkner, Robert F.
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Fundamentals of Implant Dentistry – Vol 1: Prosthodontic Principles

John Beumer III / Robert F. Faulkner / Kumar C. Shah / Benjamin M. Wu (Editor)

This book has it all, and can truly be considered the definitive implant prosthodontic textbook.
Like its predecessor, it functions as both a textbook for students and a dental reference for practitioners.
The authors aim to provide a prosthodontic perspective to the various aspects of implant treatment, from the biologic mechanisms of osseointegration to implant design and configuration, to maintenance and management of complications.
Organized into four sections, the book systematically takes the reader through the foundational principles of implant dentistry, to evaluation and restoration through a variety of clinical situations, and into more specialized topics and treatment scenarios.
In addition, a downloadable illustrated glossary is available for easy reference.
Emerging digital technologies and materials used to design and fabricate implant prostheses are an important focus, as are implant positioning, angulation, and spacing for each situation.
Designs of implant-assisted overdentures are described in detail as well as the various bone and soft tissue enhancement procedures currently in use, particularly in patients with unfavorable periodontal biotypes.
The book also focuses on the importance of interdisciplinary treatment in providing safe and effective results, making it a must-have to complete any dental library.


Section I: Foundational Principles

  1. History and Biologic Foundations
  2. Osseointegration, Its Maintenance, and Recent Advances in Implant Surface Bioreactivity
  3. Implant Biomechanics, Screw Mechanics, and Occlusal Concepts for Implant Patients
  4. Contemporary Implant Materials
  5. Digital Technologies and Implant Dentistry

Section II: Restoration of Edentulous Patients

  1. Edentulous Patients: Patterns of Bone Resorption and Clinical Outcomes with Implants
  2. Restoration of Edentulous Mandibles with Overdentures
  3. Restoration of Edentulous Mandibles with Fixed Prostheses
  4. Restoration of Edentulous Maxillae with Implant-Retained Overdentures
  5. Restoration of Edentulous Maxillae with Fixed Prostheses

Section III: Restoration of Partially Edentulous Patients

  1. Restoration of the Posterior Quadrants of Partially Edentulous Patients: Basic Principles and Patient Selection
  2. Restoration of the Posterior Quadrants: Examination, Workup, and Prosthodontic Procedures
  3. Restoration of Single-Tooth Defects in the Esthetic Zone
  4. Restoration of Multiple-Tooth Defects in the Esthetic Zone

Section IV: Special Topics

  1. Implants and Removable Partial Dentures
  2. Implants for the Growing Child
  3. Implants in Irradiated Tissues, Osteoporosis Patients, and Patients Treated with Bisphosphonates
  4. Implants and Orthodontics: A Symbiotic Partnership
  5. Basic Fundamentals of Implant Surgery
  6. Follow-up, Maintenance, Complications, and Troubleshooting


Jaafar Abduo / Nadim AbouJaoude / Basil Al-Amleh / Momen Atieh / Nabil J. Barakat / Abdullah Barazanchi / John Beumer III / Ting-Ling Chang / Aria Davodi / Moustafa El-Ghareeb / Mauro Farella / Robert F. Faulkner / Fiona Firth / Neal Garrett / Suzanne M. Hanlin / Jay Jayanetti / Nora Kahenasa / Haim Keren / Julia Keren / Mohamed Moataz Khamis / Perry R. Klokkevold / David Krill / Kai Chun Li / Robert M. Love / Karl M. Lyons / Sunyoung Ma / Ichiro Nishimura / Takahiro Ogawa / Daniela Orellana / Alessandro Pozzi / Roy Sabri / Donald R. Schwass / Pravej Serichetaphongse / Kumar C. Shah / Arun B. Sharma / Eric Sung / Andrew Tawse-Smith / Darryl C. Tong / Neil Waddell / Chandur Wadhwani / Benjamin M. Wu