Interdisciplinary Esthetic Dentistry

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Clavijo, Victor Cofar, Florin Stankov, Venceslav Van Dooren, Eric Giordani, Gustavo
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Interdisciplinary Esthetic Dentistry

The Big Picture
Eric Van Dooren / Florin Cofar / Victor Clavijo / Gustavo Giordani / Venceslav Stankov

Eric Van Dooren and Florin Cofar’s new book, produced in collaboration with Victor Clavijo, Gustavo Giordani, and Venceslav Stankov, explores the intersection between conventional esthetic dentistry and the digital world.
Eric Van Dooren, regarded as one of the world’s leading periodontists, shares the knowledge he has accumulated over the course of his career and highlights the digital protocols that improve and enhance esthetic treatment results.
The book examines the fields of fixed prosthetics, implantology, and periodontics from an esthetic point of view.
The authors provide keys to simple and complex esthetic treatments, whether performed with analog or digital protocols.
An entire volume is dedicated to orthodontic treatments and their harmonious integration into the treatment plan.
Finally, the last volume focuses on implant-prosthetic treatments and the frequent interventions they require.



Volume 1. Basics: Planning and execution

  1. Conventional smile design
  2. Simultaneous white and pink reshaping
  3. The digital paradigm shift
  4. Boosting the biotype
  5. Reshaping 3D root configuration
  6. Surgical and prosthetic considerations
  7. Crown lengthening
  8. Sequencing gingival recession covering

Volume 2. Synergies: Optimising complex cases

  1. Orthodontic considerations

Volume 3. Complications: Retreatments and maintenance

  1. Delaying implant
  2. The central-lateral incisor dilemma
  3. Full arch
  4. Retreatment 1
  5. Retreatment 2
  6. Connective tissue hiperplasia
  7. Vertical maxillary growth in young adults
  8. Vertical maxillary growth and implant removal
  9. The pink gingival restoration

Augmented reality in this book!
This book contains augmented reality videos available free of charge from your smartphone or tablet. Easy to use, reliable, instantly accessible, and available offline, you can find selected multimedia content created by the authors to enrich your reading experience.



Special mentions: Edward Pat Allen / Ioan Cofar / Karim Dada / Léon Pariente / Adrian ‘Ginger’ Argint / Nitzan Bichacho / Benjamin Cortasse / Mauro Fradeani / Marcelo Giordani / Galip Gürel / Paulo Kano / Stefen Koubi / Dan Lazar / David Norre / Alexander Schryvers

Orthodontics: Adina Barbur / Ioan ‘Johnny’ Barbur / Nuno Sousa Dias

Laboratory: Leonardo Bocabella / Murilo Calgaro / Willy Clavijo / Christian Coachman / Wagner Nhoncance / Ioana Popp / Christiano Soares

Planning: Andrei ‘Fred’ Bazavan / Emil Bobev / Lenu Boca / Lucian Ciu / Gabriela Lascu / Adrian Roman

Visuals: Ciprian Boca / Marcel Carson / Flavius Neamciuc / Mihai Simona

Logistics: Andreea Buciuman / Madalina Duma / Oana Herta / Maria Macarescu / Karolina Veruzab

Assistants: Loredana Chitimia / Cristina Hajnal Hornea / Camelia Miu / Roxana Patrut

Co-contributors: Adrian Badarau / Florin Bratiloveanu / Alin Dinca / Vinicius Machado / Jordi Manauta / Thiago Ottoboni / Anna Salat / Cristina Sas