Past << Future - Envision 77 Heart Beats

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Hayashi, Naoki
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Past << Future – Envision 77 Heart Beats (Originally in English)

Naoki Hayashi

All around the world in our everyday life, we are taking dentistry to a new direction by freeing the patients from their dilemma and ailments. Many stories on this dental theme will arise with that mentioned on a daily basis.

This is only a fraction of all of those stories but I want to address here that the responsibility and interest to understand the patient’s need is an endless one. We technicians must share concerns and complexes with patients so that we can apply it to our best interest in our work. Not only that, I myself have plenty of behind the scene episodes to share in the process.

Patient’s past & future. What is important here is that the pre-op and the post-op is not an extreme change. What we want is a natural looking healthy post-op results. However it is a dramatic change filled with excitement from the patient’s point of view nonetheless. When we achieve such treatment results, the patient will value our hard work and will return us their very best smile. This is the moment when we feel most rewarded for our work. It is an irreplaceable moment of satisfaction. I feel what’s important in our future is to concentrate and strive for the bright future rather than reflecting on the past.





Prologue – Expression –

Case Study

ONE – Mimicking nature –

TWO – Most prominent teeth –

TWO & THREE – Symmetry –

FOUR – Large segment of anterior –

SIX – Maxillary anterior boost your image –

FOURTEEN – Designing beauty & function –

ONE & THREE – Study of Posterior build-up steps –

Epilogue – Scene –

Behind the Scene

Before treatment

Special Thanks