Protocol: Standardisation in Fixed Prosthodontics

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Jakovac, Marko
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Protocol: Standardisation in Fixed Prosthodontics

Marko Jakovac

Fixed prosthodontic therapy is one of the most demanding disciplines in dentistry.
This avenue is usually pursued only after other options have been exhausted, often when teeth are missing or show reduced durability, or in the presence of conditions that cannot be treated conservatively.
Enhance your expertise with this comprehensive text that presents the key steps to success at every stage of therapy: planning, execution, manufacturing and finalisation.
Discover the importance of meticulous treatment planning to meet patients’ short- and long-term requirements; learn key principles and techniques for effective and minimally invasive tooth preparation; avoid mistakes caused by performing procedures without proper guidance; embrace the latest techniques and technologies for creating high-quality prosthetic restorations; explore the intricacies of cementation for optimal adhesion and retention; and learn how to strategise to maintain restoration success and oral health.
Whether you are an experienced clinician or a dental professional seeking to expand your practice, the protocol-driven approach advocated in this text will equip you to achieve consistent and exceptional results with fixed prosthodontic therapy.




  • Initial examination and communication
  • Pre-prosthetic treatment
  • Prosthetic treatment planning
  • Mock-up


  • Tooth preparation
  • Impression taking
  • Bite registration
  • Additional information
  • In-office provisionals


  • Casts
  • Articulators
  • Interocclusal relation transfer
  • Laboratory provisionals


  • Analogue laboratory finalisation and try-in
  • Digital laboratory finalisation and try-in
  • Cementation
  • Maintenance

Co-authors: Dragan Stolica / Nino Marcutti / Michele Temperani / Domagoj Vražić / Damir Šnjarić / Iva Kutleša Oroši / Sanda Radović