QDT-2021/2022. Quintessence of Dental Technology.

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Duarte, Sillas Jr.
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QDT – Quintessence of Dental Technology 2021/2022

Sillas Duarte Jr.

QDT 2021/2022 introduces new digital concepts and novel treatment strategies that are sure to inspire the dental technician and restorative clinician.
New this year are links to informative videos to give readers a dynamic representation of the new techniques presented.
Original articles in this year’s volume describe the digital alveolar support technique, digital impression strategies for more predictable final restorations, a modified All-on-4 concept that retains teeth for natural dentofacial esthetics, and a new crown-lengthening approach for optimal soft tissue healing.
“Biomaterials Update” explores gradient multilayered zirconia for expanding the indication of monolithic zirconia to the esthetic zone.
These are but a sampling of the articles in this beautifully produced annual publication.


Looking Ahead and Moving Forward

Sillas Duarte, Jr



  • Healing Guided by Design: The Crown-Lengthening Procedure Revisited

Eric Van Dooren | Florin Cofar | Ioana Popp | Ioan Cofar | Marcelo Giordani | Gustavo Giordani | Victor Clavijo



  • RepliCAD—Digital Impression Strategies to Replicate the Soft Tissue Architecture and Teeth Position for Predictability in Final Restorations

Victor Clavijo | Ricardo Recena | Paulo Fernando Mesquita de Carvalho | Willy Clavijo | Leonardo Bocabella



  • Gradient Multilayered Zirconia

Sillas Duarte, Jr | Victor Clavijo | Willy Clavijo/Jin-Ho Phark



  • The Modified All-On-4 Concept: Keeping Teeth for Lip Support and to Maintain Patients’ Identity

Iñaki Gamborena | Yoshihiro Sasaki | Markus B. Blatz

  • Library-Based Design:

Workflow and Bottlenecks

Florin Cofar | Ioan Barbur | Gustavo Giordani | Marcelo Giordani | Ioan Cofar | Eric Van Dooren | Ioana Popp | Paul Ficut

  • Minimally Invasive Esthetic Approach in Full-Mouth Rehabilitation:

Combining a Digital Workflow Using Intraoral and Facial Scanners

Anabell Bologna | Rafael Laplana



  • Push the Limits: Porcelain Laminate Veneer Preparation for Intraoral Scanning

Masayuki Okawa | Akikazu Shinya | Shogo Yamamoto

  • The Digital Alveolar Support Technique:

Use of Natural Shape to Design the Soft Tissue

Florin Cofar | Ioan Barbur | Gustavo Giordani | Marcelo Giordani | Ioan Cofar | Eric Van Dooren | Ioana Popp | Paul Ficut

  • Virtual Dentoalveolar Clone Concept in the Esthetic Zone:

Volumetric Assessment of Tissue Changes

Ivan Contreras Molina | Diego Michel A. Castillo Sauceda | Kyle Stanley | Gil Contreras Molina

  • The 4_Spheres Technique

Mariano Maurizi

  • Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth:

Classification of Remaining Dental Structure for Adhesive Restorative Procedures

Erika Clavijo | Victor Clavijo

  • The Double-Crown Technique for Masking Discoloration:

Separating the Masking and Esthetic Parts of the Restoration

Aiham Farah | Anas Aloum

  • Digital Workflows to Optimize Peri-implant Soft Tissue Management:

The Inverse Scan Body Concept

Oscar Gonzalez-Martín | Manuel Martín-Luque | Andrés Acevedo | Gustavo Ávila-Ortiz