Veneers. Fantasy | Risk | Success

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Devoto, Walter Hardan, Louis Henrique, Margarida Nicastro, Marco Rondoni, Daniele Zarow, Maciej
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Veneers. Fantasy | Risk | Success

Maciej Zarow / Walter Devoto / Margarida Henrique / Louis Hardan / Marco Nicastro / Daniele Rondoni

Veneers is not a book to impress, but a book to teach, wherein the author’s deep knowledge of the foundations of dentistry is revealed.
The need to carry out adequate diagnoses that consider functional aspects fundamental to achieving success in this compromised type of treatment is emphasized.
The book answers a number of questions:

  • Is veneering a challenge?
  • What do you need to have a predictable key to success in your workshop?
  • What did I have to learn and remember well, after an era of uncertainty, trials, and material choices, to treat this therapy as an ordinary but demanding clinical procedure?

Through detailed clinical cases, this book shows when veneers are indicated, when to avoid them, what risks lie in wait, how to prepare the teeth, what type of materials to use, and how to proceed with cementation.
It also shows where this type of treatment is going in the future, with the incorporation of the digital workflow.
This book is a must for clinicians dedicated to esthetic restorative dentistry.


  1. Why Veneers?
  • Questions the patient may ask


  1. Porcelain Veneers – Yes or No?
  • Porcelain veneers – why yes?
  • Advantages of veneers from a clinical perspective
  • Porcelain veneers – why no?
  • Absolute contraindications
  • Relative contraindications


  1. Planning Veneers
  • Medical history
  • Clinical examination
  • Structural risk factors
  • Functional risk factors
  • Photographic documentation
  • Creating a diagnostic wax-up
  • Dental office – dental laboratory communication card
  • Mock-up or test drive veneres


  1. Dental Morphology
  • Tooth structure
  • Dental morphology
  • The function of incisors and canines
  • Primary anatomy
  • Secondary anatomy
  • Tertiary anatomy
  • Teeth position and gingival architecture – esthetic considerations


  1. Photography Communication
  • Photography: diagnostic and training importance
  • Photography: dentist’s communication with the dental technician
  • Photography: communication with the patient


  1. Preparation – Impression – Provisional Veneers
  • Starting the preparation
  • The veneers drive-test (mock-up) before preparation
  • Ten steps for successful preparation
  • Final impression
  • Provisional veneres
  • Preparation dilemas


  1. Veneers Cementation
  • Checklist
  • The most important stages of color verification
  • Veneer esthetic evaluation before cementation
  • Adhesive preparation of the veneres
  • Adhesive preparation of the tooth surface
  • Porcelain veneers cementation procedures
  • Procedures after veneers cementation


  1. Atlas of Clinical Procedures
  • Veneers and teeth with multiple direct restorations
  • Veneers and discolored teeth after root canal treatment
  • Veneers and occlusal problems
  • Constricted chewing pattern
  • Occlusal dysfunction
  • Esthetics and function: A, B, C, D of restorative strategy
  • Veneers: changing the tooth shape
  • Veneers: diastema closure
  • No-prep veneers; partial veneres
  • Veneers: creating symmetry with the prosthetic Crown
  • Veneers: creating symmetry with the implant-supported Crown
  • Veneer replacement


  1. Minimally Invasive Veneers or No-Prep Veneers?
  • Preparation techniques
  • Choice of the ceramic material
  • No-prep veneres


  1. Composite Veneers
  • Tooth discoloration after root canal treatment and composite veneres
  • Simplified composite veneers performed with the Style Italiano technique
  • Indirect composite veneres
  • Other solutions for esthetic problems


  1. Chapter 10+ Digital Veneers
  • Porcelain veneers: a digital platform
  • Procedure protocol
  • Summary
  • Advantages of direct composite veneres
  • Advantages of indirect porcelain veneres
  • Parameters for selecting veneres
  • Video list