Zygomatic Implants: The Anatomy Guide Approach

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AUTHOR:  Carlos Aparicio

EDITION:  1ª / 2012



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Autor Aparicio, Carlos
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Zygomatic Implants: The Anatomy Guide Approach

Carlos Aparicio

Zygomatic implants have been in use for more than two decades, and clinical follow-up studies have shown good outcomes. However, this treatment approach is only now seeing a strong resurgence of interest because it can provide patients with a fixed dentition in a short amount of time without any grafts, general anesthesia, or morbidity from a donor site, even in challenging clinical situations.
Thus, a technique of relative complexity becomes minimally invasive in its application. This book reviews the state of the art of zygomatic implants and outlines several new surgical techniques and adjunctive procedures.
The authors cover the fundamentals of using zygomatic implants, including the rationale behind the approach, anatomical and biomechanical considerations, imaging of the zygoma, possible sinus reactions, contraindications, prosthodontic considerations, and management of complications.
This book will arm clinicians with clear guidelines for using zygomatic implants in the rehabilitation of edentulous patients